Fighting Teen Acne

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Fighting Teen Acne

16 August 2017
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If you have a teenager then you want to be prepared to help them with regards to fending off as much of that teenage acne as possible. When teenagers hit a certain age and they have all of those changes taking place inside of their body, it can lead to outbreaks of acne. For some teenagers, this may mean a few pimples here and there. However, for others it can mean some pretty serious outbreaks that can be both extremely noticeable and even physically painful. Learn some tips to help cut back on the acne your teen may experience by reading this:

Make sure your teen uses makeup the right way

If your teen wears makeup it can clog pores and trap dirt, which in and of itself can cause pimples. They should throw their makeup out every couple months and replace it with new so they aren't putting dirty makeup on their face. They should also make sure they wear their makeup as light as possible and remove it as soon as they no longer feel they need it on. Get them makeup removal swabs to remove the makeup with. This will help it come off much easier than using soap and water. Let them know not to share makeup. This is a good way to exchange dirty bacteria and germs that can lead to skin conditions, as well as acne flair ups.

Have your teen take daily showers

Once a child gets to be a teenager they will start to get oily skin and hair. While they may be able to get by in the winter by skipping a shower, they should definitely take one everyday when it is hot outside. Otherwise, they will sweat more, which means more oil being produced, more pores being blocked and more acne showing up. They should also wash their face throughout the day if they have been outside running around getting sweaty. Also, their hair should be cut back off their forehead or pulled back off of it.

Try to limit things covering their face

When your teen wears sunglasses, make sure they aren't rubbing on their forehead all day. Also, if they like to wear hats, make sure they don't have them sitting where they are on their forehead all day either. This will trap those oils and block the pores asking for more acne troubles to appear on their forehead.