What's Causing Your Facial Redness And Breakouts?

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What's Causing Your Facial Redness And Breakouts?

14 September 2021
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If you often feel like your cheeks are hot and burning, then experience breakouts immediately after, it could be something you are eating, drinking, or doing that is causing this issue. These flare-ups can sometimes feel like your face is on fire. The breakouts that erupt afterward can even make your feel embarrassed. These breakouts may go away after a few days, only to have another moment of redness and another breakout flare-up. This repeated pattern can get old after awhile, and you want to have it treated properly. You should go to a local dermatologist to have it treated. There may be other things you can do as well that can help prevent this from happening.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol, especially alcohol that contains high amounts of sugar, could be causing these flares to occur. Try to avoid any alcohol that causes this to occur, such as wine or sweet drinks, or mixed drinks that contain juice. These may be leaving you with breakouts on your skin, and you may feel your face being hot as soon as you start drinking them. 

Limit Caffeine

Caffeine from your daily coffee may be making you have these flares as well. If you drink a lot of caffeine, try to limit how much you consume. If you drink caffeinated beverages all day, such as soda or tea, replace at least some of them with water instead. The caffeine may be causing the redness and irritation, and the breakouts may just be coming out due to the redness.

Reduce Stress

The redness and breakouts could be caused by stress levels. If you have a lot of stress in your life, it may be leaving you with these breakouts. Stress can cause other health issues as well. Try to reduce your stress by doing more of what you enjoy. 

Stop Eating Spicy Foods

Those hot foods you've been consuming a lot of could also be leaving you with redness and breakouts. You may feel the heat on your face immediately after eating these foods, but the redness may take much longer to go away. If this is what is happening, you should stop eating the spicy foods and eat something a bit more bland instead.

If you have this facial redness and breakouts, you should seek treatment from your dermatologist. You may need medication, or a different type of lotion or cleanser for your skin. Try using the information above to see if it helps you as well.