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After struggling with severe acne and skin problems as a teen and young adult, I spent years working with a dermatologist to clear things up. Throughout the many appointments and consultations, I learned a lot about proper skin care and what to do to minimize my risk of breakouts. Many of the tips I learned are things you don't come across in many places, so I decided to create this site in the hopes that it would help others see that there's more you can do beyond the traditional over-the-counter creams and cleaning pads. I hope the information here keeps you from having to face another special event with the embarrassment of your skin problems.


Beating Melanoma The First Time: 3 Tips To Stay Vigilant About Recurrence

20 September 2018
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Melanoma is an especially intimidating form of cancer, but there are many people who beat melanoma, especially if it is caught in the early stages. After successful treatment, the chance of recurrence is a real threat. Staying vigilant is the best way to catch a recurrence if it occurs. Know Signs Of Recurrence Anyone who has beat cancer is rightfully concerned about recurrence, so it is not uncommon to feel like any new symptoms or common illnesses are a sign of recurrence. Read More …